iNAP® One Sleep Apnoea Therapy

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The iNAP® sleep therapy system is designed to provide a comfortable sleep experience for OSA (Obstructive Sleep Apnea) patients. Unlike traditional CPAP machines, the iNAP® system works without a facial mask or a bulky machine and instead uses a discreet soft oral interface and a quiet pocket-sized console. The iNAP® allows you to breathe easily and naturally, and enjoy uninterrupted sleep all night long.

How it works? 

The iNAP device employs negative oral pressure therapy that is introduced directly from the oral interface gently draws the the soft palate and tongue forward thereby, opening the airway and allowing uninterrupted breathing and eliminating OSA episodes at night.

During sleep, the iNAP® system’s console generates the negative pressure, collects excess saliva in the saliva canister and creates a gentle vacuum using the mouthpiece that prevents upper airway from collapsing during sleep, the device stabilizes the tongue, increasing the size of the airway and improves breathing.

Benefits of iNAP®

  • Natural Breathing - Allows you to breathe through the nose naturally without blowing air into the body whilst sleeping.
  • Operation Without a Mask - Works without having to wear cumbersome facial masks, headgears or large tubings. The iNAP® is both easy-fitting and non-intrusive.
  • Superior Wearing Comfort - Has a soft and flexible oral interface made with thermal-memory material and one-size-fits-all design. No further adjustments are needed.
  • Compact and Travel-friendly - Incredibly light, small and compact. The device fits in one hand and is very travel-friendly.
  • Discreet and Quiet - iNAP® console is silent once the negative pressure has been established and maintained, allowing you to sleep peacefully.
  • Portable and Rechargeable - iNAP® is battery powered and rechargeable, making it adaptable for any situation such as travelling by flight, going camping and exploring the great outdoors.

Why you should sleep with your mouth closed?

  • Studies indicate that untreated mouth breathing can lead to snoring, sleep apnea, allergic rhinitis and periodontal diseases.
  • iNAP® helps you correct mouth breathing and sleep with a closed mouth throughout the night.
  • iNAP® frees the airway to allow air to flow into the lungs supporting a refreshing sleep

The iNAP Therapy System comes with:

  • 1 iNAP® One Unit
  • 1 USB-powered lithium-ion battery
  • 1 Container
  • 1 Oral Interface
  • 1 Tubing
  • 1 Months Dry Pads
  • 2 years warranty