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Philips Respironics DreamWear Gel Pillows CPAP Mask

Philips Respironics DreamWear Gel Pillows CPAP Mask


FREE cushion promotion not applicable for the DreamWear Gel Pillows Mask due to discontinuation of the cushion product by the manufacturer

The Philips Respironics DreamWear Gel Pillow interface features the same lightweight design of the Philips Dreamwear interface. The Gel Pillow style cushion sits inside each nostril individually, instead of the single under-the-nose seal, giving CPAP users even more options for their DreamWear interface. The Gel Pillows are fully compatible with existing Dreamwear interfaces and are interchangeable. 


  • 1 x DreamWear Gel Pillow Cushion – Small 
  • 1 x DreamWear Gel Pillow Cushion – Medium 
  • 1 x DreamWear Gel Pillow Cushion – Large 
  • 1 x DreamWear Frame – Medium 
  • 1 x DreamWear Headgear with Arms 
  • 1 x DreamWear Elbow 
  • 2 x DreamWear Fabric Wraps 

Sove CPAP Clinic is an official accredited provider of all product sold. With a national network of clinics, our team of friendly and knowledgeable CPAP Consultants are available to provide independent clinical support in-clinic, online, over the phone, and via telehealth.  

RRP: $289.00
Save: $109
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1. Freedom to move: 

No longer will you feel like you have to sleep in one position only. The DreamWear allows you to enjoy both a larger range of movement and a much better sleep! 

2. In the Nose Cushion: 

The cushion has individual prongs for each nostril, ensuring a good seal to prevent the escape of air. 

3. Minimal Face Contact: 

With open view, you will no longer feel as constricted as you once did. You can easily read or watch TV before bed with this mask on! 

4. Soft Tubing Frame: 

The soft tubing frame follows the natural contours along your face, joining at the gel pillow cushion under your nose. Prevents pinching and accommodates for a wider range of sleeping positions. 

5. Multiple Sized Cushion: 

There are 3 multiple sized cushions in the DreamWear Gel Pillows Mask package. Giving you the freedom to test and pick one that is the most comfortable fit for your nose. 

Alternative Mask Options  

If you like this style of nasal pillow mask with nasal prongs, you may also like these alternative masks too:  

  • ResMed AirFit P10 Nasal Pillow Mask 
  • ResMed AirFit P30i Nasal Pillow Mask 
  • Fisher & Paykel Brevida Pillow Mask 

 If you are looking for a different style of masks that sits under your nose but do not have nasal prongs, consider these masks: 

  • ResMed AirFit N30i Nasal Mask 
  • ResMed AirFit N30 Nasal Mask 
  • Philips DreamWear Nasal Mask 
  • Fisher & Paykel Evora Nasal Mask 

Speak to our friendly and knowledgeable team of CPAP Consultants who can provide you with independent advice as to best mask options for you. Our CPAP Consultants are available in-clinic, over the phone and via telehealth video conferencing.  

Basic Feature
Sizes Available
Cushions: SML, MED, MWD, LRG + Frame: MED
Headgear Included
Philips Respironics
Nasal Pillow
Multiple Sizes Included
Mask Features
Magnetic Clips
Forehead Support
Top-of-the-Head Hose Connection
Cushion Type
Replaceable Cushion
Lifestyle Needs
Mouth Breather
Glasses Friendly

CPAP masks, mask consumables (excluding foam cushions), tubing and most humidifier chambers come with a standard 90 day warranty. Please contact us on 1300 76 29 39 to find out if your specific product is still within manufacturer’s warranty.

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