Airinum Urban Air Mask 2.0 Classic Collection

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The CPAP Clinic is providing respirator masks to help protect you during these anxious times. This Airinum Urban Air Mask has equivalent protection to a P2 or N95 rated mask, and can help to filter out infectious particles.


The Urban Air Mask 2.0 introduces a whole new level of protection, comfort and design. Every aspect of the mask has been improved, from better breathability to a better airflow in the ventilation system and an increased comfort. By combining a sleek Scandinavian design with cutting-edge filter technology, the Urban Air Mask 2.0 is engineered to offer a perfect fit for all types of faces and protects against particles as small as 0.3µm. 



To get the right size, we recommend you to combine the Weight Measurement and Eye-Chin Distance Measurement below. 

Eye-Chin Distance Measurement:

Measure the distance between the lower end of your eye and the lower end of your chin and follow this size guide:

Eye-to-chin Cm Inches
XS Less than 8.5 Less than 3.3
S 8.6-10.5 3.4-4.1
M 10.6-11.5 4.2-4.5
L Over 11.6 Over 4.6


Weight Measurement: 

Weight Kg Lb
XS 12-30 26-65
S 30-50 65-110
M 50-75 110-165
L Over 75 Over 165

If you get different recommendations from the two methods, follow the one from the Eye-Chin Distance Measurement. If your weight or eye-chin distance is on the border line, pick the bigger one to ensure a better fit.

*Please note that due to hygiene reasons we cannot accept returns for the mask once you have tried it on.