APEX iCH Automatic CPAP Machine With Integrated Heated Humidifier

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The Apex iCH Series CPAP is based on an exciting concept, The Holistic Healthcare Formula:

[Compliance]³ + [Elegance] = LifeStyle


An alternative definition to enhance the improvement of CPAP therapy and improve the patient’s well-being is no longer a myth. Upholding the advancement of patient’s lifestyles and improving clinical conditions, iCH compliance technology has:

1. Stable and precise pressure output

2. PVA pressure relief technology

3. Efficient humidification delivery


The iCH CPAP system has been designed to merge effortlessly into your life and your home. Stylish and aesthetically appealing, iCH CPAP therapy promotes psychological and social confidence in the provision of effective therapy.

Features of this innovative machine include:

  • Stylish, high-quality design.
  • Lightweight and compact.
  • Extremely quiet and discreet.
  • Enhanced algorithm for improved compliance.
  • Cool blue back-light.
  • Anti back-flow mechanism preventing water spillage.
  • SD card and USB connection for data retrieval.

This is an automatic machine. For the fixed pressure equivalent, please see the iCH Prime.