Clinell Detergent Wipes - 215 pack


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Multi-surface wipes for general cleaning and damp dusting. They leave no smear whilst providing a superior level of cleaning power. 


  • Patented formula: Natural and fully biodegradable, with ultra low smear.
  • Optimum cleaning: Even stronger cleaning power, developed specifically for use in healthcare environments.
  • Multi-surface cleaning: Can be used on both surfaces and equipment.
  • Convenient and effective: Disposable wipes that are ideal for general cleaning and damp-dusting.
  • Alcohol and Disinfectant free: Extremely safe to use, they contain no hazardous chemicals and utilise the same technology found in many shampoos and skin care products

Range of use:

Suitable for use on a wide range of surfaces and equipment, including mattresses, bed frames, table tops, door handles, desks, chairs, ledges, examination couches, telephones, keyboards and accessories, wheelchairs, trolleys, walking frames, etc.