Yimi Life Pulse Oximeter - ARTG: 337191


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Measure arterial oxygen saturation (peripheral capillary oxygen saturation) SPO2, and the pulse rate with this accurate and reliable pulse oximeter. ARTG No: 337191

Key Features:

  • Fast results in 8 seconds
  • Measures Pulse Rate, Blood Oxygen Concentrations (SpO2) & Perfusion Index (pi %)
  • All-Screen design with 1.5" LED Display
  • Modern, clean and streamlined design
  • Configurable for high or low SpO2 and pulse rate limits for visual alarm
  • Adujustable display brightness to save battery
  • Auto shut-off feature and low battery indicator
  • IP22 level water and dust resistance


To achieve the most accurate reading with your pulse oximeter:

  • Use your middle finger for the reading
  • Take off any nail polish
  • Avoid using it on cold finger (make sure they are room temperature)
  • Sit still
  • Log your readings, making a note of any downtrends and how you were feeling at the time
  • Make sure you are using a TGA approved oximeter  - meaning that it should have an ARTG number

A reading between 95-100% blood oxygen saturation is normal. If you are concerned by your results, contact your doctor.