NEW: ApneaSeal N1 - Precise 3D Custom Nasal Mask

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The next generation of sleep apnea mask

Special Launch Price: $449 (RRP $499). SAVE $50!

Ends: 31 May 2021

Available only at The CPAP Clinic.

We are pleased to launch the ApneaSeal N1, Australia’s first 3D printed CPAP mask at The CPAP Clinic.

Delivering the perfect fitting nasal mask that just fits because it’s been customised to you, utilising ApneaSeal’s precision face-mapping technology. 


Apnea Seal uses our Nose Studio innovative face mapping technology to create a precise 3D custom mask solution for your sleep apnea treatment.

Our Nose Studio provides a simple and quick face mapping process to capture over 20,000 data points of your nose to allow us to develop the most precise solution for you.


With our customised 3D seal, we have optimised to the contours of the face, eliminating contact pressure points, resulting in a more comfortable experience.

The sizing is optimised and made for each individual’s face. No other mask is built to contour and fit the nose and face like your very own customised Apnea Seal N1 mask.


The structural integrity of the Apnea Seal N1 is highly resistant to ‘explosive’ leaks and doesn’t require overtightening headgear to ensure this. Even at the maximum CPAP pressure our masks fit comfortably for you to enjoy the best night’s sleep.

Due to the intimate design and fit of the Apnea Seal , it substantially decreases the headgear strap force and contact pressure to seal the mask, ensuring it is exceptionally light and comfortable on the face. This light fit can be maintained throughout the night.


By developing a process to capture the unique contours of each face, we create a fully customised mask resulting in a better fit aimed at improving compliance.

Our team of Sleep Optimisation Scientists are committed to ensuring we provide only the best quality solutions for your sleep apnea treatment.


Apnea Seal uses cutting-edge technologies by engaging with world leading engineering techniques and medical practitioners who are passionate about the very best outcomes for individuals.