NightShift Positional Therapy Device

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The Night Shift is a clinically proven treatment for mild, moderate and severe positional obstructive sleep apnoea (POSA) and snoring. Avoiding back sleeping reduces POSA severity, while the gentle vibration enables deeper sleep with fewer awakenings. Night Shift is held in place by a convenient and comfortable silicone strap and magnetic clasp. As many as 88% of Night Shift owners wear their device consistently.

Graphic reports, provided at no additional cost, enable you to monitor: 

  • How long you wore the Night Shift each night
  • How much of the night you were asleep
  • How often you awakened during the night
  • How many times you attempted to sleep on your back
  • How long you slept on your back
  • How quickly you responded to the vibrational feedback 
  • How often and how loudly were you snoring during the night

Technical Details: 

Packaging Plastic carrying case includes the device, strap, instructions and USB charging cable.
Device Position sensor, haptic motors, battery, acoustic mircophone and USB micro-B connector integrated into the enclosure, weighs 24 grams. 
Vibration Seven intensity levels from two (2) x 13,000 rpm haptic motors.
Recharging Internal battery charged with micro-USB cable and wall charger.  A fully charged device can operate for at least 3 nights.
Strap Material - silicone rubber., weight 19 grams. The strap contains magnets, DO NOT wear with a pacemaker.
Reports Generated on the web-portal with up to 365 days of data saved to the device and used to generate optional daily, monthly or yearly reports.
Manufacturer Advanced Brain Monitoring, Inc.  Carlsbad CA USA.