Philips Respironics SideStream Plus Aerosol Hose Kit

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Nebulization Aerosol Hose 1m, latex-free, by Philips Respironics for SideStream Plus compatible with all Philips Respironics Sidestream Plus nebulizers. 

SideStream Nebulizers are venturi nebulizers that can be used to reliably and rapidly nebulize the majority of commonly prescribed bronchodilators, antibiotics or steroids. Philips SideStream Plus breath-enhanced, reusable nebulizer is designed to improve drug delivery. Much less pressure is needed to open the inspiratory valve compared to other breath-enhanced nebulizers. For faster, easier treatment.

Note: Pack only includes Aerosol Hose. Pack does not include the SideStream Plus Nebulizer, Mouthpiece or T piece.