Interest Free ResMed Travel Freedom Plan


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Please select your choice of accessories from below (note: humidx does not work with full face masks, please select option 3 for your accessory choice if your mask is full face)

Commence treatment with just $1 upfront + $31.50 fortnightly payments over 3 years*

No large out-of-pocket costs and interest payments

Save up to 33% off RRP

No penalty to pay plan off faster

Freedom to travel with Portable Battery and DC Converter Kits included

The ResMed Travel Freedom Plan provides you with the freedom to travel with the compact travel CPAP machine, the AirMini.

Say goodbye to large out-of-pocket costs and interest payments. With only a simple credit check over the phone or in person, it has never been easier to get one!

Commence treatment with just $1 upfront plus $31.50/fortnight over 3 years*.

One more thing… if you decide later to pay it off faster, you can without penalty.


The ResMed Travel Freedom Plan covers everything you need for that upcoming camping, caravan or overseas holiday or business trip. See the table below for all product inclusions and when to expect to receive them.


Lumin Cleaning Machine – protect your CPAP investment with the Lumin Cleaning Machine, which disinfects with UV light in just 5 minutes for only an additional $5 / fortnight over 3 years

360 Care Plan – CPAP treatment is more than just purchasing a box. Studies have found that a more “intensive” clinical support progam procures superior clinical outcomes across a wide range of measures including significantly higher CPAP usage per night, less daytime sleepiness, lower hospitalisations and deaths from cardiovascular disease. The 360 Care Plan provides for all this and more for only an additional $10 / fortnight over 3 years.


Freedom Payment Plans Brochure

Freedom Payment Plans Terms & Conditions

360 Care Plan Brochure

360 Care Plan Terms & Conditions

AirMini Humdification Fact Sheet

ResMed AirMini Auto Travel Device

The ResMed AirMini is the smallest CPAP machine in the world providing everything you have come to expect from a traditional beside device, at a fraction of the size. At its perfect little size, your ResMed AirMini is the perfect travel companion allowing you to take your breathing therapy anywhere that you go with minimal fuss and inconvenience.

Everything you need in the palm of your hand:

  • With Bluetooth™ connectivity, the AirMini has been designed to interface with your smartphone device rather than provide an interface on the machine itself. The AirMini App will help you to quickly and easily setup your new device. The App also includes guided setup videos and daily sleep scores to help you keep your treatment on track.
  • AirMini auto-adjusting CPAP machine: This compact AirMini CPAP device includes CPAP (fixed pressure) APAP (automatic) and APAP for Her modes. It uses the same algorithm that underpins ResMed’s AirSense CPAP machines, and offers features such as AutoRamp, Expiratory Pressure Relief plus Smart Start and Stop. The AirMini doesn’t have a screen. Instead ResMed have developed the AirMini smartphone app to activate the machine, update settings, manage comfort options and monitor your sleep. The AirMini controls are literally at your fingers through this app.
  • HumidX is the warmth and comfort of humidification with ease. The HumidX system delivers a similar level of humidification to the ResMed bedside devices but with the added convenience of being a compact waterless sytem.

Interface Compatibility:

The ResMed Airmini is not compatible with all available interfaces on the market. 

The following ResMed Interfaces are designed to work with the AirMini's ActiveAir and HumidX technologies. Relevant Airmini Connectors need to be purchased alongside these interfaces for them to work with the Airmini:

  • AirFit™ F30***
  • AirFit™ F20
  • AirFit™ N20
  • AirTouch™N20
  • AirFit™ N30
  • AirFit™ P10 for AirMini™
  • AirTouch™ F20 (not included in Freedom plans)

*** Please note that currently the Airmini Humidification system (HumidX) does not work with F30 Full Face Mask System


* Payment Plans to approved applicants only; fees, terms, conditions, minimum amounts and exclusions apply. Payment plans provided by Certegy Ezi-Pay Pty Ltd ABN 28 129 228 986. 

** ResMed AirTouch Mask Systems excluded from ResMed Travel Freedom Plan