Smart Peak Flow

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Smart Peak Flow is a compact and low-cost, digital peak expiratory flow meter that connects to any Android and iOS smartphones via the audio jack port.

The CPAP Clinic sees benefit in using the Smart Peak Flow device to measure your lung function. Although ordinarily used to track lung function in asthma patients, the Smart Peak Flow device may be useful to detect changes in your lung function if you are at risk of developing a contagious respiratory illness including flus.

The Gold Standard in Home Asthma Management

Peak flow monitoring is reconised as the gold standard in asthma management. Keeping accurate peakflow records manually has proven to be difficult, if not impossible. With Smart Peak Flow's automatic recodring and visual charting, users and healthcare professionals can finally say goodbye to unreliable data and paper charts.

Smart Peak Flow has simplified asthma homecare by bringing it directly into the hands of the patients across the world. Using exactly the same technology as a diagnostic spiro-meter, the small device guarantees more accurate peakflow measurements than mechanical peakflow meters.

Smart Technology - Fits in the palm of your hand

While the ergonomic and light-weight design makes Smart Peak Flow comfortable to hold and easy to carry around, the user-friendly interface of the app makes if remarkably easy and intuitive to use. The device does not even require batteries to operate. 

The app will ask the user to perform three blows and will save the highest of the three values as the result. After the test is complete, the user is able to manually save notes about their symptoms. Test results are then shown in a Track view, where users can get an excellent overview of the progress of their condition.


iOS: iOS 10.0 or higher; iPhone 5 or higher; iPad 2 or higher. If you have a latest iPhone model (iPhone 7 or above), it works with the Lightning to Headphone Adapter Cable supplied with your phone (not included) 

Android: Any phone with Android 5 or higher.

  • Universal 60-800 LPM range
  • Easy to set up
  • Android and iOS compatible
  • Simple to use
  • Traffic light health indicator
  • No paper charts
  • Track progress over time
  • Set reminders
  • Share results
  • Ergonomically designed detachable mouthpiece

Device Category:

Digital peak expiratory flow meter (PEFM)

Measurement Principle:

Light Interruption

Applicable Source of Light:

Volfram-, halogen-, LED and natural light

Required Strength of Illuminance:

Min. 100 lux

Communication Interface:

3.5mm audio jack

Power Source:

Connected smartphone's battery

Voltage Supply:

Max. 5V DC

Measurement Range:

80-600 L/min




Turbine: 54x32x39mm

Mouthpiece: 39x33x33mm

IP Protection level:


Operating Conditions:

Temperature: min. 0°C, max. 50°C

Humidity: min. 10% RH, max. 95% RH