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CPAP Liverpool

Please note that in-store inquiries are By Appointment Only. To avoid disappointment and to guarantee stock availability, call 1300 76 29 39 or send us an email at info@thecpapclinic.com.au to book an appointment today.

Address: Suite 14, 17 Moore St, Liverpool, NSW 2170

Ph: 1300 76 29 39

Clinic Hours: By Appointment Only

Hours may differ during public holidays.

Sove CPAP Clinic (previously known as The CPAP Clinic) has been serving the community in Liverpool for several years. Our Liverpool clinic (operating within the Specialist Medical Centre) opens one to two days a week by appointment only. Please call us on 1300 76 29 39 if you are interested in booking an appointment, and we will slot you in as soon as possible.

Our experienced and trained CPAP Consultants are ready to help you with any of your CPAP needs at our Liverpool clinic. We can assist you with any CPAP troubleshoots, including unusual sounds from your machine, leaking humidifiers, tubing and also any mask leakages or fitting issues. We also offer CPAP downloads to help you understand how well your machine usage is going, and CPAP rentals for those who aren’t yet ready to buy.

Our partner Centurion Healthcare also offers Type 2 bulk-billed at-home sleep studies and sleep specialist appointments from this location. Please call Centurion Healthcare on (02) 9798 2322 to speak to them about booking an appointment at our Liverpool clinic.

Our Liverpool Clinic is only 3 minutes walk from Liverpool Station, and a 5 minute walk from Liverpool Hospital. Suite 14 can be found inside the Specialist Medical Centre.

Paid parking is available behind the clinic, in the Warren Serviceway Parking Station. The parking station is behind Liverpool library.

If a convenient appointment is not available, visit our partner pharmacy down the road at Macquarie St. Save & Deliver Compounding Pharmacy has CPAP-trained pharmacists who can assist you with your CPAP equipment or even a bulk-billed at-home sleep study. Contact the pharmacy on 02 9821 1942 for more information.