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About Sove CPAP Clinic

Our Mission

Our vision is to deliver the most extensive range of CPAP and wellness products at the lowest prices, with independent advice and comprehensive care. To advocate the importance of sleep health, and empower those under our care to make informed choices.

Sove CPAP Clinic

Sove CPAP Clinic, formerly known as The CPAP Clinic, is Australia’s largest independent CPAP treatment provider. From our humble beginning in 2008, we now also provide medical specialist consultations, sleep studies, oxygen and respiratory treatments, as well as personal protective equipment and other wellness products.

Unlike many online providers, we offer the best of both worlds: Our website provides the convenience of online shopping and a wealth of knowledge from trusted sources at your fingertips; at the same time you have the comfort of knowing there is a comprehensive team of medical specialists, sleep scientists and CPAP treatment experts who provide clinical support every step of the way - whether via telehealth, or in person at one of our brick and mortar clinics nationally.

Our mission is to advocate the importance of sleep health, to provide access to treatment services and to empower those under our care to make informed choices. We endeavour to do this by providing affordable access to relevant medical services, cutting edge technologies and a range of carefully curated treatment and wellness products.