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Wearable Technology

In this new era of wearable technology, monitoring and improving your health and wellbeing has been made easier. These technologies can form part of a healthy lifestyle. Sove CPAP Clinic is a supplier of a range of monitors and trackers, including market leaders like Fitbit and Garmin. With features such as sleep scoring, oximetry, and stress detection, health and fitness trackers help you to monitor your health more effectively with ease.

To find out how our selection of wearable technology can help with your health journey, please contact one of our consultants who are are available to assist in-person, over the phone or via video conference. And with Australia-wide delivery, you can order any of our products direct to your door.


Sove CPAP Clinic is a leading Australian provider of Respiratory, Sleep Disorders, Cardiology and PPE services and products. Call us on 1300 76 29 39 for more information.

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