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Asthma Management

For those living with asthma, management strategies are key. However, good asthma management is not just about using an inhaler. It is important to make sure you are making the most of your asthma treatments by taking your medication in the most effective way, monitoring your peak flow, and using non-mediated therapies to help improve your lung capacity. Spacers and masks, PEP devices and peak flow meters can help round out your asthma management strategies to give you the most effective therapy possible.

Sove CPAP Clinic is a medical specialist group, and a leading Australian provider of respiratory services and products. We are a proud supplier of a range of asthma related products, from trusted branks like Philips Respironics and Smiths Medical. Our range includes spacers, masks, PEP devices, peak flow meters, steam inhalers, nebulisers and threshold IMT devices to give you the best possible treatment. For any questions relating to our range of asthma products, we have clinicians able to assist you. We can be contacted by calling 1300 76 29 39 or emailing us on info@thecpapclinic.com.au.


To help manage their asthma attacks and symptoms, most patients take medications - relievers and/or preventers. These are crucial for treating asthma and helping your airways to stay open. However, many other devices can be combined with these medications to help patients optimise and monitor their therapy.

How to optimise your inhaled therapy

Using an inhaler is a crucial way to manage asthma attacks. However, using the inhaler by itself may not give you the best therapy possible. Using a spacer or anti-static chamber can help more medication reach your lungs (not just your mouth and throat), and can make it easier to inhale your medication. The Philips Respironics Optichamber Diamond is one of the best spacers available. The antistatic material inside the tube allows aerosols to stay suspended for longer, giving you more time to inhale your medication. It can also be combined with the LiteTouch face mask for easier delivery.

How to monitor your asthma progress

To monitor their asthma progress, patients can use a peak flow meter. A peak flow meter is a small, inexpensive, portable device that measures how well air moves out of your lungs. Peak flow meter readings can help you recognise early changes that may indicate your asthma is worsening – hours or even days before symptom arise. Keeping track of your peak expository flow (PEF) can also help your doctor measure your progress with therapy.

Other therapy options to help manage your asthma

There are other therapy options beyond medication to help improve asthma symptoms. Using a Positive Expiratory Pressure device or Threshold Inspiratory Muscle Training device can help open up the airways, clear mucus and strengthen muscles. Research has shown that these physiotherapy options can help improve the results of medication. For those suffering from allergic asthma, a steam inhaler such as MyPurMist may also help by clearing out allergens from the airways. Speak to one of our consultants today to find out about the full range of asthma management devices available at Sove CPAP Clinic.