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Although we may love to travel, many of us dread the inevitable discomfort that will come on long journeys. Whether you’re travelling by plane, boat, car or coach, the plague of sore necks, sleep deprivation and cold seats can always take some of the joy out of travelling.

That’s why we at Sove CPAP Clinic have put together the perfect Travel Packages to help you maximise you and your family’s comfort whilst travelling. Travel pillows, face masks, ear plugs and blankets are all up for grabs in our affordable packages. We offer bestselling ranges from trusted brands like Cabeau and Korjo to optimise your travel comfort. Travel easy again, and order a CPAP Clinic travel package online. If you have any questions regarding our travel packages, contact one of our friendly consultants who would love to help you.


Sove CPAP Clinic is a leading Australian provider of Respiratory, Sleep Disorders, Cardiology and PPE services and products. We pride ourselves on being sleep experts, and love to help our customers with all their sleep and comfort needs. That’s why Sove CPAP Clinic is a proud supplier of the comfortable travel range from Cabeau and Korjo, designed to help you have the most comfortable trip possible. For those long flights and drives, our range of pillows, eyemasks, ear plugs and blankets can help you sleep soundly wherever you go. And with Australia-wide delivery, you can focus on the trips you really care about!

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