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Portable Oxygen

Portable oxygen is a treatment used to increase blood oxygen saturation and is usually prescribed by respiratory physicians or Patients suffering from respiratory conditions. As these are portable, they can be used at home and provide patients the freedom to maintain a life outside of the home. Unlike tanks and cylinders, portable oxygen devices take in air from the environment and filter out nitrogen and other atmospheric gases to deliver concentrated doses of pure oxygen of purity greater than 95%.


Picking the right machine

The first thing you need to know is how much oxygen is required. This is dependent on the severity of the condition. A common method of determining the right amount of oxygen is through an oxygen titration test, which is usually conducted in a hospital setting by a respiratory physician and/or respiratory technician. You will then be provided with a prescription based on the results.

Most Portable Oxygen concentrators deliver oxygen through two flow methods, Continuous Flow or Pulse (Bolus) flow. Continuous flow oxygen devices deliver an invariable steady stream of oxygen that can be set to a particular volume of oxygen per minute.

The Machines

Once you know how much oxygen is required and the method of delivery that would best deliver the oxygen for you the last thing is selecting the right brand and model of machine to meet your budget and lifestyle needs.

Continuous flow Portable oxygen concentrators are often bigger in size and weight than Pulse Oxygen Concentrators and offer both delivery methods in their options, while Pulse machines are smaller and lighter but only offer the one mode.

Most portable oxygen concentrators are designed to allow the user to adjust the flow of oxygen on demand so using one of these devices can be quite intuitive. Always consult a doctor before commencing treatment and refer to the manufacturer's instructions for use. IF SYMPTOMS PERSIST, WORSEN OR CHANGE UNEXPECTEDLY, TALK TO YOUR HEALTH PROFESSIONAL