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Cleaning & Disinfectant

Keeping your home, business, or clinic safe from harmful microbes has never been more important. That’s why it is crucial to make sure you are cleaning and disinfecting spaces and items properly. Sove CPAP Clinic is a proud supplier of a range of cleaning and disinfection products, from detergent wipes to use around the home to hospital-grade disinfectant solutions suitable for medical clinics.

As a sleep and respiratory clinic, Sove CPAP Clinic relies on the cleaning and disinfection products we supply, so you can trust the quality of what you order. If you are struggling to find any of our cleaning products, or have any questions, please call one of our consultants on 1300 76 29 39, or send us an email at info@thecpapclinic.com.au. Please contact us if you are interested in any bulk order discounts.

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Sove CPAP Clinic offers a range of cleaning products suitable for both home and medical use. We are proud suppliers of Viraclean, proven to kill the COVID-19 virus. Viraclean is a hospital-grade, non-flammable, pH neutral disinfectant. Although originally only available to healthcare facilities, Viraclean is now available to the public through Sove CPAP Clinic to help keep all businesses safe during the pandemic. We also offer other important Whiteley Medical products such as V-wipes (viraclean wipes), Sanitol, Bactol, Speedy wipes, Instrumax and Surfex. All of our Whiteley Medical products are purchased directly from the manufacturer.

Sove CPAP Clinic also offers a range of hand sanitisers and alcohol swabs. Using a hand sanitiser is a quick and easy way to keep your hands free from germs, and to stop the spread of infectious diseases. Ideally, hand sanitisers should contain at least 70% alcohol to effectively kill any bacteria or viruses on your hands. Sove CPAP Clinic offers hospital grade hand sanitisers to help keep you safe. We also have a range of 70% isopropyl alcohol swabs available so you can disinfect small surfaces such as your phone and keys. These swabs are also appropriate for medical clinics.

For those looking to sanitise smaller personal items, office items or even medical equipment, we are also a proud supplier of Lumin UV equipment sanitisers. Harnessing the natural power of UVC light, the Lumin can disinfect your personal and medical items in just 5 minutes, without any harmful chemicals or gases.

To find out which of our cleaning and disinfecting options is right for you, contact one of our friendly consultants.