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Transcend have developed the some of the smallest CPAP machines to allow you to take your treatment wherever you go. Transcend's travel CPAP machines are extremely portable, fitting in the palm of your hand and weighing less than 500g. Transcend also offers a range of CPAP accessories including solar batteries that allow you to go off the grid with your treatment.

As one of the largest CPAP suppliers in Australia and New Zealand, we will find you the best solution for your new Transcend CPAP Machine and make sure that we fit any budget. We offer price matching on products available from any accredited Australian and New Zealand supplier so we can guarantee you the lowest prices available for your CPAP machine.


Our range of Transcend Machines includes automatic CPAP machines and fixed pressure CPAP machines, including the Transcend 3 CPAP and Transcend 365 miniCPAP.

Transcend Universal Hose Adaptor
RRP $40 Save: $3 $37
Pickup available
Transcend 365 miniCPAP Machine
RRP $2,380 Save: $710 $1,670
Pickup available
Transcend Battery Arm Band
Out of stock
Transcend P4 Battery Pouch
Out of stock
Transcend Solar Charger
Out of stock
Transcend Air Inlet Filter Media
RRP $15 Save: $2.25 $12.75
Pickup available
Transcend Travel Bag
Out of stock
Transcend P8 Battery Pouch
Out of stock

Are you looking for more advice on available Transcend CPAP machines?

Check out our range of Transcend CPAP products available online or in store at one of our local clinics in your area. You can chat with a sales specialist online who can assist you with purchasing the right machine for you, or book an appointment for a full professional consultation. We will find you the right solution for any budget with genuine, independent buying advice that ensures you get the best treatment available.