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Disposable Face Masks

Disposable face masks are loose-fitting, single use masks. These face masks can be very useful for the general public in reducing the spread of respiratory droplets from people who may be sick. These respiratory droplets are released by coughing, sneezing or talking. Disposable masks are a good mask to wear when going to the grocery store, getting on public transport, or going for a walk during times of peak illness.

Sove CPAP Clinic is a medical specialist group and a proud supplier of a range of PPE products, including disposable face masks. For any questions relating to our face masks, we have clinicians able to assist you. We can be contacted by calling 1300 76 29 39 or emailing us on info@thecpapclinic.com.au.


How to safely apply, take off and dispose of a face mask

If you wear a face mask, it is important to make sure you apply and take off the mask correctly, and safely.

To apply a face mask safely, follow the following steps:

  1. Wash your hands or use hand sanitiser before putting on the mask
  2. Holding the top edge with the absorbent side facing you (this is usually white for disposable masks), place the mask over your face, avoiding touching the front of the mask. Hook the ear loops around you ears, or tie any straps behind your head. If your mask has adjustable ear straps, you can change them now or before you place your mask on.
  3. Pull the bottom of the mask over your chin, to make sure the face mask covers your mouth and nose with no gaps between your face and the mask.
  4. Avoid touching the mask whilst wearing it, and clean your hands if you do
  5. Replace the mask as soon as it is damp, and do not re-use disposable masks

To take off a mask safely, follow the following steps:

  1. Remove the mask from behind by the straps or ear loops – do not touch the front of the mask
  2. Discard the mask immediately into the general waste, preferably into a closed bin.
  3. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water, or a hand sanitiser