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At Sove CPAP Clinic, we offer a wide variety of products that may assist with alleviating snoring.

  1. Oral Appliances – These are usually dental mouthpieces that help to adjust the position of your lower jaw forward. This moves the base of the tongue away from the upper airways and the soft palate to clear up the airway.
  2. Positional Devices – These are worn across the neck or the chest. These positional devices will vibrate when you are on your back to alert change of position.
  3. Nasal Appliances – These nasal strips can work by either creating expiratory positive airway pressure during exhalation to open up the airways or by lifting nasal passages to reduce snoring episodes.

You should speak with your doctor for any health concerns and before commencing any treatment.. A sleep study may be beneficial in this case to determine if the cause of snoring is due to sleep apnoea so that you are able to move forward with more effective treatments. Speak with your doctor for the appropriate test to take.

At Sove CPAP Clinic, we offer a range of snoring solutions and products from official and accredited distributers and manufacturers. We offer affordable pricing on anti-snoring products such as Theravent, Provent, Nightshift positional device, RIPsnore, RIPstrips, and Best in Rest Anti-Snoring belt.

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