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Working with Us

GPs and Medical Practitioners

Referring a patient for telehealth consultations, sleep studies, CPAP treatment, or the entire diagnostic process, is simple. Send us a referral via email to sleep@centurionhealthcare.com.au or via fax to 1300 469 083. For CPAP, a formal referral is not required. Whether a patient is new to CPAP, or gave up along the way, our team is here to help them stay on effective treatment for the long term.

Our consultant team all have science based tertiary degrees, and will ensure you are kept abrest of your patient’s progress regularly.

Pharmacies and Partner Clinics

One of our mission is to make sleep disorders diagnosis and treatment accessible to everyone. Pharmacies and medical/health clinics are in a unique position to provide access to patients already in your care. Sove CPAP Clinic offers a turnkey solution for partner clinics, fully supported by a comprehensive team of medical specialists and CPAP treatment experts.

As a partner clinic you will receive extensive on-boarding and comprehensive ongoing support on any of these areas: - Diagnosis - patient screening and sleep study testing (Types 2 and 3) - CPAP trials and treatment supply - Telehealth consultations both with respiratory/sleep specialists

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Join the Sove Team

Sove CPAP Clinic has a strong vision for the future sleep health and wellness industry. We are looking for passionate, caring and innovative people to join our growing team and to help us make a difference.