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Alcohol Wipes

Alcohol wipes are pre-soaked cleaning aids which can help to sterilise services and remove up to 99% of germs like viruses and other disease spreading contaminants. In order to be effective at removing germs and sanitising surfaces, alcohol wipes should contain a minimum of 70% isopropyl alcohol. Anything less than this will not result in a completely sanitised surface.


Do alcohol wipes kill viruses?

Effective and regular use of alcohol wipes will destroy germs which accumulate on contact surfaces and therefore limit the chance of them infecting people with the viruses and diseases that they carry. Alcohol wipes and alcohol swabs are not solely responsible for destroying viruses like the corona virus and should be used in conjunction with a strictly adhered to personal hygiene regime which includes washing your hands with warm water and soap for a minimum of 30 seconds after touching surfaces, and before and after leaving the house.

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Our selection of trusted products from the world’s best manufacturers and brands includes a range of hospital-grade cleaning and sterilising alcohol wipes, hand sanitisers and related products like the N95 face masks and other types of medical face masks used to help control the spread of viruses and ensure that you and your family remain safe.

Alcohol wipes and alcohol swabs are commonly used in the medical industry to minimise the chance of infection. You are probably used to seeing nurses use alcohol swabs for injections, swiping the surface of your skin before injecting the needle. This is to help minimise the chance of any germs on the surface of your skin entering into the blood stream via the needle they are using, which is already sterile and safe to use.

Alcohol prep pads can also be used as effective antibacterial and antiviral wipes. They are generally small and easy to travel with. You can fit a handful in your handbag or your car glovebox to ensure that there is always something clean and safe close by if you are required to touch public surfaces orif you are in contact with other vulnerable people you do not wish to inadvertently infect.

Your phone is something that you touch every day and is likely in contact with your face as often asit is in contact with your hands. Regularly wiping down your phone and phone screen is a good habit to get into and alcohol wipes are perfect for this application. Their alcohol content means that they general dry quickly, so you are not exposing your electronics to too much water.

Only consider purchasing alcohol wipes which contain a minimum isopropyl alcohol content of 70% such as our selection of medi swabs like the Mediflex Flexiwipes. These are suitable as both an antibacterial wipe and a multi-purpose cleaner.

For an iso alcohol wipe alternative, you can also use antiseptic wipes for sterilising commonly touched surfaces, we carry offer the Verna care Tuffie 5 Hospital Grade Disinfectant Wipes. These superior cleaning wipes are powerful alcohol and chlorine-free wipes that are ideally used ford is infecting all non-porous surfaces and non-invasive equipment. They are effective against bacteria, mycobacterium, yeasts and fungi spores. By cleaning highly touched surfaces like those found inyour bathroom and kitchen, you can effectively minimise the spread of germs and hopefully eradicate the possible of Covid-19 infections entirely from your home. Tuffie wipes are designed with a triple layer construction which features embossed pockets and a microfibre core which absorbs and traps surface soils, holding on to bacteria is captures and minimising the chances for cross-contamination when you clean other surfaces with the same wipe. Each wipe is strong, soft, non-linting and highly absorbent and comes in a range of dispenser sizes.

If you are particularly searching for ways of minimising the spread of infectious diseases and are looking for advice and products like alcohol wipes which can help you to reduce your chances of contracting illnesses and of spreading them, then firstly create a strong personal hygiene practice within your home and regular surface cleaning practice with hospital-grade disinfectants. Keeping your home clean and clear of infection is the best way of ensuring that you are not in advertently carrying out into public whenever you leave your house.

Always wash your hands before leaving your home and as soon as you arrive home again. You should use warm water and soap and wash your hands for a minimum of 30 seconds each time. Warm water and soap remain the best way of keeping our hands clean and clear of infection as the combination very effectively removes the natural oils on our hands which are responsible for carrying germs like viruses and other illness spreading pathogens.

Clothing should also be washed once you return home from spending time in a public space. There are antibacterial washing detergents available to use which can also more effectively ensure that things like your regular work clothes, your soft furnishings and your linens are carefully and thoroughly cleaned with every wash.

You should attempt to spend as much time indoors in your home or controlled environment as much as possible. This helps not only to ensure against contracting an illness yourself but also ensures against accidentally spreading the germs responsible for illness to more vulnerable people who may experience worse symptoms than yourself. By remembering to sanitise our hands before we go into public spaces like a grocery store means than we can help to reduce the amount of infectious disease is spread in those places. You may also find it helpful to wear a surgical face mask or a N95 face mask while you are out in public spaces also.

Typically, wearing a surgical face mask will help you contain the droplets and small bits of fluid that you naturally breathe out into the work. This type of face mask captures those droplets, and the germs that they carry, stopping them from entering into public spaces. An N95 respirator or P2 mask is a more controlled face mask. This type of mask actively filters airborne particles and stops about 95% of them through the use of a specially designed and manufactured filter within the mask. To be effective, the P2 mask must be tight fitting and cover the nose and mouth entirely. It can be uncomfortable to wear initially, and it may cause difficulty in breathing as you must work a bit harder to draw air effectively through the air filter of the mask.

Our commitment to the health of our clients means that the CPAP Clinic is proud to offer highly effective, hospital-grade alcohol wipes and alcohol alternative antiseptic wipes that are affordable and reliable. Shop online today.