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Portable Oxygen Concentrator

Sove CPAP Clinic has a friendly and supportive team and provides a range of portable oxygen concentrators and their related accessories for various respiratory conditions. You should speak with your doctors before commencing portable oxygen therapy.


We have Australia’s largest network of clinics and we work with respiratory physicians and hospitals in managing patient care. Portable oxygen concentrators can be ordered online, over the phone or in person at our clinics. We operate out of Australia’s major cities including Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Hobart.

What does an oxygen concentrator do?

An oxygen concentrator is a device that is usually prescribed by your respiratory physician for patients experiencing breathing difficulties, and may require support to maintain oxygen levels inside their body. Portable oxygen concentrators are designed to be lightweight which can be carried around for ease and convenience.

How does a portable oxygen concentrator work?

The unit works by removing nitrogen from ambient air and producing oxygen rich air through tubes typically to the nose, or via a mask to the nose and mouth. Units and their designs differ to ensure they deliver optimum performance depending upon your needs. You may find a facial mask is better suited to your condition than nasal tubes, for example.

Portable oxygen concentrators use PSA or pressure swing technology, replacing the need to for a pressurised oxygen tank. This makes them ideal for travelling as they are more lightweight and less dangerous. The unit increases pressure within its cylinders to concentrate the oxygen it takes from the ambient air. Once it has concentrated enough oxygen, that oxygen – as well as a small amount of water and other elements including carbon dioxide – move into a secondary cylinder where the pressure is equalised and delivered through the tubing to the user. Portable units are operated by battery for ease of movement. Always seek the advice of your doctor and refer to the manufacturer's operating manual before commencing treatment.

How long do home oxygen concentrators last?

It is difficult to provide an accurate estimate for how long your home oxygen concentrator will likely last. Ultimately, it will generally depend on how often you are using your unit and whether it is regularly maintained and repaired. Like any machinery, ensuring it is working at peak performance is the key to its longevity and to maximising the benefits you receive from it. You should follow up with your doctor and/or respiratory physician who will provide ongoing monitoring of treatment progress.

Your unit also contains filters which need to be regularly cleaned and replaced. Depending on your unit, you may be able to undertake some of these maintenance duties yourself, however, some filter changes will need to be done by a service technician.

Contact Sove CPAP Clinic on 1300 76 29 39 if you have any questions regarding portable oxygen concentrators. Always consult a doctor before commencing treatment and refer to the manufacturer's instructions for use. IF SYMPTOMS PERSIST, WORSEN OR CHANGE UNEXPECTEDLY, TALK TO YOUR HEALTH PROFESSIONAL </details>

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