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Travel CPAP Machines

Getting a good night’s sleep makes traveling all the better. That is why Sove CPAP Clinic carries a wide range of travel CPAP machines, so that whether it’s for work or pleasure, domestic or international, your CPAP treatment can travel with you also. Apart from being smaller and more convenient to travel with, travel CPAP machines have other important features including:

  1. Cigarette lighter compatibility
  2. DC Cable Converter compatibility
  3. Portable extended battery compatibility

These benefits go a long way in ensuring you can stay connected with your CPAP treatment, irrespective of whether you are plugging it into a car, truck, caravan, airplane, boat, or any other vehicle equipped with a suitable power source.

Speak with your doctor first to obtain a proper diagnosis and before commencing CPAP treatment. ALWAYS READ THE LABEL AND FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS FOR USE. If symptoms persist talk to your healthcare professional.


A commonly asked question is whether travel CPAP machines are just as robust and durable like the standard CPAP machines. The answer is yes. Travel CPAP machines can be used daily as well as for travel.

There are many different brands of travel CPAP machines. The most popular premium brands include ResMed Australia and Philips Respironics. The most popular budget travel CPAP machine is from Transcend.

Using your travel CPAP machine on a plane

CPAP machines are generally allowed on planes as a carry-on. However, it is prudent to check with your airline first, as not every airline permits this, nor its in-flight use, or sometimes medical clearance from a doctor is required. It is highly recommended that this is done as early as possible, as approvals and forms can often take time.

Checklist before you travel:

  1. Packing your CPAP Machine – When travelling, your CPAP machine should always be packed in the original travel bag. These CPAP bags are typically compartmentalised and padded to provide support and protection for your machine, humidifier and other CPAP parts. It is highly recommended for you to bring your CPAP machine on board your flight even if you are not planning to use it on the plane. By hand carrying the device, it reduces the risk of damage to your machine.
  2. Packing your humidifier – One of the most important thing to check before you pack up your humidifier chamber into your travel bag, is that the chamber is completely empty of water to avoid water damage to the machine.
  3. Electrical Specification – Check the voltage range of your machine prior to travel to make sure that it is suitable with the power source at your destination country. Most new CPAP machines these days will have a Universal power supply which will support the voltage range of 100V to 240V. If your machine can only run on a specific voltage, you may need to consider bringing a voltage converter.
  4. Plug Adapters and extension cords – Not all countries and hotels will have the adapters for the Australian power plug. Therefore you will definitely need to remember to bring an adapter so that you are able run your CPAP machine off the wall outlet. An extension cord may also be helpful in case if the wall outlet is too far out of reach from where you will be placing the CPAP machine at the side of the bed.
  5. Surge protection – Travel surge protectors will be able to help your machine from any sudden voltage surges. This will protect your machine from any damages in the event of a surge.
  6. Spare Accessories – Be prepared and bring enough accessories to last you for the duration of your trip. It is always a good idea to bring some extra filters and even spare cushion and headgear if your trip is quite long.
  7. Distilled water – Make sure you have access to distilled water. Different countries have different hardness of their water and it may damage or corrode your humidifier chamber. Therefore, when travelling, it is always recommended to purchase distilled water for daily use.
  8. Prescription and/or Doctor’s letter – Take a copy of these documents with you in the event that you will need to show Airport securities or if your machine breaks down and you need to purchase an urgent replacement.

Sove CPAP Clinic is a leading independent provider of Sleep Apnea treatment services, including CPAP treatment. Sove CPAP Clinic carries all major brands including ResMed, Fisher & Paykel, Philips Respironics, Transcend, Weinmann, Apex and Devilbiss.

Sove CPAP Clinic offers CPAP rental of machines and CPAP masks, as well as the sale of new and second hand CPAP machines. CPAP payment plans and price match guarantee available. We ship CPAP Australia wide and CPAP direct to your door.

Every patient’s treatment needs are different, and that is why Sove CPAP Clinic tailors and individualises each package around the patient’s needs. We work with the patient and Sleep Specialists to ensure patients receive optimal CPAP treatment. As a comprehensive sleep service provider, patients can access Sove CPAP Clinic’s service in-clinic, over the phone, via video conferencing and online.

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Given the importance of continued treatment compliance, portability has become an important consideration with the design of these machines. Over time, the machines have become lighter and more compact, with multi-voltage power supplies for international use.

For those requiring treatment on long-haul flights or camping trips, many of the newer machines are capable of being used on most commercial aircraft and have the ability for manual or automatic altitude adjustment. External batteries, power-inverters and/or car-battery powering are optional features on some devices.