Hand Sanitiser

Hand sanitiser is a form of gel that is quick drying and typically contains at least 70% isopropyl alcohol which is the active and effective ingredient responsible for its disinfectant power. It works by killing bacteria and microbes most commonly held in the natural oils on our hands and can be used on surfaces as well to aid in destroying any germs left by regular contact. Not all forms of hand sanitiser or hand santizer actually contain alcohol as the main microbe killing agent. Other types of sanitiser may contain benzalkonium chloride instead which, while still effective, is not as good at clearing surfaces of possible sources of infection.

It is important to look at the ingredients list on any sanitiser that you are considering purchasing for both its effectiveness at neutralising germs and for any effects that you may experience in the formof side-effects, particularly for use with children.

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Does hand sanitiser kill a virus?

The active ingredient in high-quality hand sanitiser is iso alcohol and this alcohol is what acts as an antiviral cleanser. Its destruction of virus carrying microbes means that it can be an effective preventative controlling the spread of viruses like the corona virus by minimising the available surfaces where the virus can live and breathe. It is not a complete product to be used in place of any other personal hygiene practice or in place of regularly cleaning and disinfecting around the home. Your clothes, linen and soft furnishing should always be regularly washed, preferably in antibacterial soaps, and the floors and communal surfaces of your home should also be washed regularly with high-grade disinfectants which contain active germ killing ingredients. Alcohol is a very effective germ killer and there are a lot of other products you can purchase which contain isopropyl alcohol as its active ingredient, including handy wipes and swabs.

The most effective way of cleaning our hands is still with warm water and soap. The reason for this is because the combination of warm water and of soap aids in removing the natural oils on our hands which are responsible for capturing and trapping – and therefore spreading – microbes like virus carrying bacteria. Of course, we do not always have access to warm water and soap and hand sanitiser is a convenient way of ensuring that we are still maintaining strict hand hygiene while weare out and about. And an antibacterial agent, hand sanitiser does what warm water and soap simply does more effectively–it strips the natural oils from our hands which are responsible for holding disease carrying germs. By using hand sanitiser before we touch public surfaces and after touching them, we can help to reduce the spread of germs which cause diseases like Covid-19 and influenza. Often, we don’t even realise that we may be carrying the germs responsible for these diseases and while we aren’t infected ourselves, we are still capable of passing on those germs to other more vulnerable people who may be fatally affected by contracting a virus.

What is the best hand sanitiser?

Always search for a hospital-grade hand sanitiser if you can like the Aquim, a leading alcohol based sanitiser available to purchase online. It comes in a pump action dispenser and also contains moisturises which aid in maintaining soft hands. You simply apply two pumps to your hands and then spread the gel over all parts of your hands include the back of your hand and between your fingers. Rub your hands together like you would if you were washing them under a tap to ensure maximum coverage.

If you are unable to find hand sanitiser or if you have run out at home, rubbing alcohol like alcohol swabs area good alternative. Anything that contains at least 70% alcohol will be enough to kill most germs effectively but always use your sanitiser or alcohol wipes in conjunction with strict personal hygiene while at home.


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