CPAP Sanitiser SoClean – Now Available!

Better Rest Solutions' new CPAP SoClean is here! Leaving your mask and machine feeling and smelling fresher than ever. Using ozone sterilization technology, the SoClean will eliminate 99.9% of pathogens from your CPAP system. Ozone is a powerful oxidating agent, using it’s free radical to destroy mould, viruses and bacteria that stubbornly clings to the tubing and mask. A complete cycle takes just 2 hours, converting oxygen from the surrounding air into the steryozone and back to oxygen within that time. Operating your SoClean is absolutely simple; just pop your mask in when you wake up and by the end of the day, the SoClean will professionally sanitise your mask and leaves a crisp finish.


To celebrate the launch of the SoClean machine, our Ashfield CPAP clinic is running an exclusive offer as a welcoming gift to you. Come in for any CPAP appointment this week and next and receive a FREE sterilisation for your mask, tubing and/or CPAP machine. Hurry, offer ends 12th of Feb!