New Philips Respironics Full Face Mask - Amaraview Available Now!

As a full face mask user, you may be experiencing some uncomfortable side effects of therapy, such as soreness and redness on the bridge of your nose from your conventional mask. Introducing Philips Respironics new full face mask, the Amara View. Its under the nose design means you’ll have an unobstructed field of vision, so you can go back to reading or watching TV in bed, and additionally will eliminate all of the above problems associated with your conventional mask, leaving you only with the benefits of a full face mask. Mask leakage isn’t a problem since the 360o swivel prevents the Amaraview from being displaced if you move in your sleep.  If you’re tired of being trapped under the bulk of your current mask, why not give the Amaraview a try? 

Listen to what George has to say about his experience with the Amaraview below. Click here to purchase yours today!