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Did you know that driving while tired is just as dangerous as driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol?

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that as many as 6,000 fatal crashes each year may be attributed to drowsy drivers. Driving after 20 hours without sleep is the equivalent of driving with a blood-alcohol concentration of 0.08 percent. Fatigued drivers are actually three times more likely to be involved in a motor vehicle accident – but not all drivers can recognize that they are fatigued.

Those with sleep disorders, such as obstructive sleep apnea, may not be aware that their reaction times and concentration is significantly impaired. This is also true for shift workers or those with young children who are not getting enough quality sleep.

Drowsy driving and the risks involved can be prevented. Don’t drive when you have gone a significant time without sleep, and take a break every 2 hours. It is also important to prioritize your sleeping habits, and speak to your doctor if you’re struggling with sleep. You can also improve your safety by avoiding driving between midnight and 6am or in the mid afternoon when sleepiness peaks.

The CPAP Clinic has a network of 40 clinics nationwide, and works in partnership with Centurion Healthcare, a Respiratory & Sleep Specialist clinic group to provide comprehensive sleep care including:

  1. Respiratory & Sleep Specialist consultation – face-to-face and telehealth available
  2. Sleep studies – in-lab, home and contactless sleep studies available.

Bulk billing available for specialist telehealth consultations as well as sleep studies. Medicare criteria apply. Call 1300 76 29 39 or email info@thecpapclinic.com.au for more information.