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Studies have shown that your sleeping position may have an impact on your health, especially those with pre-existing heart conditions.

A 2018 study found that sleeping on the left side was associated with changes in electrocardiogram (ECG) readings in healthy participants. Using imaging technology, they found that left-side sleeping caused the heart to shift and turn. In comparison, when the participants slept on their right side, almost no change in ECG was found. There is no evidence that sleep on your left side increases the risk of developing a heart condition. However, research has shown that congestive heart failure and heart muscle disease patients find it more comfortable sleeping on their right side.

Another study examined the effects of laying on your back with chronic heart failure, and found that it was associated with poor oxygen levels, respiratory mechanics and circulation. Sleeping on your back can worsen sleep apnea and snoring, which can significantly increase your risk of heart disease and stroke. The most important thing of all is making sure you get enough good quality sleep – speak to your doctor today if you are struggling with sleep.

The CPAP Clinic has a network of 40 clinics nationwide, and works in partnership with Centurion Healthcare, a Respiratory & Sleep Specialist clinic group to provide comprehensive sleep care including:

  1. Respiratory & Sleep Specialist consultation – face-to-face and telehealth available
  2. Sleep studies – in-lab, home and contactless sleep studies available.

Bulk billing available for specialist telehealth consultations as well as sleep studies. Medicare criteria apply. Call 1300 76 29 39 or email info@thecpapclinic.com.au for more information.