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Preparing for Your Type 1 In-Lab Sleep Study

November 11, 2020

What to Expect During Your Sleep Study

Overnight sleep studies are frequently used by sleep specialists to diagnose a wide range of sleep disorders, including sleep apnoea, movement disorders and neurological problems such as narcolepsy. During your Diagnostic Sleep Study, our sleep technician will attach small sensors and electrodes to your head, chest, finger and legs to record your biological signals when you sleep, including brain wave activity, breathing, snoring, heart rate and oxygen levels, as well as your body of movement.

The process is not painful and is completely non-invasive. It may take up to an hour for our sleep technician to attach the sensors necessary to examine your sleep. The sensors will be attached to your body with tape or paste where appropriate. You are encouraged sleep immediately after the completion of the application, or as close to your normal bed time as possible. The sleep technician will monitor the study all night, and will help you with any problems that may occur.

Please advise us before your sleep study if you have latex or other allergies.

Preparing for Your Sleep Study

• Complete and return hospital admission paperwork to the relevant private hospital. • Try to have a normal sleep the night before your study and keep to your regular daytime routine as much as possible. • Consume your usual amount of caffeine and alcohol (please don’t exceed your “normal” intake as this may alter your results). Please note that alcohol is not permitted at our clinic. • Have dinner before arriving at the clinic. • Have a shower, wash and completely dry your hair. Remember not to apply hair sprays, oils, or gels to your hair, or thick skin lotions, as this can affect the quality of the signals given by our sensors. • Remove all makeup and nail polish (acrylic nails may be left on). • Male Patients – Please shave before you leave home as this will improve the quality of the recording. Bearded men – you DO NOT need to shave off your beard as we will try our best to obtain signals without shaving your beard. However, please note that we may need to shave off facial or chest hair if the sensors are unable to obtain good signals.

What to Bring to an In-lab Sleep study?

• All current medications in their original packaging (please note we are unable to supply these). • Toiletries including: toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, shampoo and shaving items where applicable. • Comfortable bedclothes and dressing gown/slippers if required. • Your pillow if you prefer. • Any special items noted by your sleep physician (e.g. your own CPAP mask, CPAP machine or Mandibular Advancement Splint). • Some reading material as there may be waiting time between admission and technician set up. • Medicare Card and payment for applicable facility fee. We accept VISA/MasterCard/EFTPOS, and cash (bring exact amount as there may not be change available). We do not accept cheques. Please note if payment is not received in full on the night of your sleep study, you may not be able to proceed with your study.

On the Night of Your Study

We ask that you arrive at your scheduled appointment time. Our technicians will escort you to your room and explain the initial set-up and overnight procedures. You will be asked to complete some paperwork and we will take your height/weight measurements, before commencing the procedure.

While we realise your sleep may not be exactly like your sleep at home, we will try to make you as comfortable as possible. The sleep technician will monitor your sleep signals from the separate monitoring room throughout the night, and will provide you with any assistance you may need. During the night, you will be able to use the toilet facilities by calling the technician who will “unhook” the electrodes (this process is quick and easy to do). If any sensors or electrodes fall off during the night and signals are affected, the sleep technician may need to go into your room briefly to re-attach them.

A frequently asked question by patients is: What if I can’t sleep? We understand that most patients will not get the best night’s sleep being in a different environment with wires attached. Provided you stay the entire night, we generally are able to obtain enough information to generate a sleep study report for you. Try to relax and not feel too anxious about the sleep study – remember it is completely non-invasive.

In the Morning:

Your technician will wake you around 6am (or as arranged) and remove the sensors. A light breakfast will be provided. Please inform the technical staff on arrival if you need to depart earlier than 7:00am.

Please bear in mind that the amount and quality of sleep you receive during a sleep study may be less than usual. We therefore suggest that you take this into consideration – you may wish to refrain from driving and/or operating machinery the next day.

Confirmation of Your Sleep Study

We will call you two days prior to your study to confirm your booking. Kindly provide us with at least 48 hours’ notice if you wish to cancel or postpone your sleep study so we can offer the appointment to another patient. Please note that a cancellation fee of $100 may apply for studies cancelled with less than 48 hours’ notice, or non-attendance without notice.


In most cases a follow up appointment with your specialist will be organised. During this consultation, the results of your sleep study will be discussed with you along with any recommendations for further investigation or treatment. Please call to arrange a follow up consultation if this has not been arranged. Your results will generally be ready approximately 10 days after your sleep study.

Emergency After-Hours Number

If you encounter an emergency on the night of your sleep study (e.g. you cannot find the clinic), please call 0402 208 267. Please note this number is ONLY for calls of an URGENT NATURE ON THE NIGHT OF YOUR SLEEP STUDY. For routine confirmation or enquiries, please call our clinic on [9798 2322 / 1300 649 083] during business hours.

Thank you for taking the time to read through this brochure and please do not hesitate to call us if you have any questions.

For appointments in Sydney, please call 02 9798 2322 For appointments in Melbourne, please call 1300 469 083 Email: reception@centurionhealthcare.com.au