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If you suffer from daytime tiredness and always feel unrefreshed, you may have Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) – a sleep condition which disturbs your breathing during sleep. Studies show that those with OSA often develop depression and other psychosocial health problems. This is because disturbed sleep can cause poor concentration, mood problems and anxiety. Fatigue and insomnia are also commonly caused by sleep apnea. A study revealed that of their participants with OSA, 33% had fatigue, 35.9% had depression and 23.1% had excessive daytime tiredness.

Common signs of sleep apnea include waking up from snoring, pauses in your breathing during sleep or waking up gasping for air. Not only can OSA affect your mental health, it can also cause a range of cardiovascular problems.

The CPAP Clinic has a network of 40 clinics nationwide, and works in partnership with Centurion Healthcare, a Respiratory & Sleep Specialist clinic group to provide comprehensive sleep care including:

  1. Respiratory & Sleep Specialist consultation – face-to-face and telehealth available
  2. Sleep studies – in-lab, home and contactless sleep studies available.

Bulk billing available for specialist telehealth consultations as well as sleep studies. Medicare criteria apply. Call 1300 76 29 39 or email info@thecpapclinic.com.au for more information.