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There are so many important reasons for treating sleep apnoea – your heart health, mental health, productivity, safety and more! But did you know that scientists have shown CPAP therapy can also make you look younger and more attractive?

Researchers took 20 adults with obstructive sleep apnoea and photographed them before and after 2 months of consistent CPAP use. When looking at the two photos in random order, raters consistently identified the post-treatment photo as more attractive, youthful and alert. They even found significant differences on objective measures, such as facial redness. Can you tell the difference? alt text

There are lots of important reasons to treat your sleep apnoea. You can lower your risk of heart attacks, strokes, anxiety and depression, motor vehicle accidents and more. So if CPAP treatment also makes you look younger and more attractive, we aren’t complaining!

You can view the study here