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Obstructive sleep apnea is a common sleep disorder amongst adolescents, characterised by breathing pauses during sleep. However, those who don’t outgrow it are at risk of high blood pressure and associated heart problems.

A recent study looked at 421 children (ages 5 to 12) of which 12% had mild obstructive sleep apnea. After more than 7 years of follow-up, most children outgrew the condition, however those who did not had 2.9-fold higher odds of having higher blood pressure. If sleep apnea began in their teens, they were 1.7 times more likely to have high blood pressure.

This study highlights the importance of a child’s sleep quality, considering that sleep, high blood pressure and obesity are entwined factors in heart disease. Not every child who snores has sleep apnea, although it is the most common indicator. If you are concerned about a younger family member, speak with your family doctor who may recommend doing a sleep study.

The CPAP Clinic has a network of 40 clinics nationwide, and works in partnership with Centurion Healthcare, a Respiratory & Sleep Specialist clinic group to provide comprehensive sleep care including:

  1. Respiratory & Sleep Specialist consultation – face-to-face and telehealth available
  2. Sleep studies – in-lab, home and contactless sleep studies available (over 18 only).

Bulk billing available for specialist telehealth consultations as well as sleep studies. Medicare criteria apply. Call 1300 76 29 39 or email info@thecpapclinic.com.au for more information.