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The 360 CPAP Care Plan

The 360 CPAP Care Plan


The 360 Care Plan costs $360 annually, and includes the following benefits:

  • Bi-annual Respiratory / Sleep Specialist Review: Provided conveniently via telehealth (video or phone available) and is essential to long term OSA treatment management.
  • Bulk Billed Sleep Study: Access to a comprehensive sleep study service can be valuable in helping a Respiratory / Sleep Specialist identify emerging issues, particularly if the patient has not been reviewed clinically over an extended period.
  • Unlimited CPAP Consultant Review: Our Consultants provide the everyday, on-the-ground support for patients. They handle the routine enquiries, however, when complicated issues arise, they escalate matters to the Specialists so that issues can be resolved quickly and smoothly.
  • CPAP Data Reports: Are provided regularly to patients and other authorised clinicians (e.g. GPs, Cardiologists, ENT etc.), so that key medical personnel are kept informed of the patient’s treatment progress.
  • Complimentary CPAP Accessories: Receive an annual supply of CPAP wipes canisters and machine filters.
  • Special CPAP Accessories Pricing: Receive an additional 10% off our already discounted accessories prices.
  • Complimentary Loan CPAP Machine: It’s always handy to have access to a loan machine in the event of a CPAP machine breakdown.

    360 Care Plan Brochure

    Click here to view the 360 Care Plan's T&Cs

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