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Drive Lightweight Aluminium Wheelchair: Self Propelled 18"

Drive Lightweight Aluminium Wheelchair: Self Propelled 18"

Drive DeVilbiss

The Lightweight Aluminium Wheelchair offers a value-for-money introduction to the Aluminium Wheelchair range without compromising on quality.

This is a wheeled personal mobility device incorporating a seating support system for a person, propelled by an attendant and/or the occupant, either manually or by some kind of powered mechanism. This device can be configured in a number of ways to suit the specific requirements of the user. It may be collapsible or non-collapsible.ALWAYS FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS FOR USE.

Health Warnings and Contraindications:  

Please refer to the User Guide

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Basic Feature
Weight Capacity
115kg (21st)
Drive DeVilbiss
1 year
106cm (42”)
Width (Closed)
24cm (9”)
Seat Length
40cm (16”)
Seat Width
46cm (18”)
Seat Height
48cm (19”)
Width (Open)
61cm (24”)
90cm (35”)
15kg (33lb)

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