Fisher & Paykel Water Manometer

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Fisher & Paykel Water Manometer is used to accurately measure CPAP pressure. Measures 0-18 H2O; compatible with all Fisher & Paykel CPAP humidification systems.

Instructions For Use

How to measure the set pressure of the HC200 with the HC200 Water Manometer:

  • Fill the HC345 chamber with water and install it on the HC200.  Make sure the HC200 is turned off.  
  • Place the water manometer onto the HC345 chamber outlet port, making sure the rubber connector is fully down.  Slide the plastic tube up or down until the "0 makr" aligns with the water level in the chamber.
The water manometer is now set up to measure the HC200 set pressure:
  • Turn the HC200 on and press the Test Button.  The HC200 will increase pressure to it's set pressure level.
  • Water will rise in the plastic tube and rest at the set pressure.  Read the scale in centimeters of water (cmH2O).
Note:  The pressure measured with the HC200 Water Manometer simulates pressure measurement with a mask having a 4mm bias flow hole.