SimplyGo External Battery Module

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The SimplyGo External Battery Module is a simple and convenient way of attaching an extra battery to your Simplygo POC and extending your usage time away from fixed power sources. It can slide into the SimplyGo carry bag's zippered pocket during use and allows the system to automatically switch from the external battery to the internal one as needed.

The External Battery Module for SimplyGo Portable Oxygen Concentrators is designed to be lightweight, durable and intelligent. The simple sleeve design weighs less than 250g, fitting snugly around any standard SimplyGo battery. When attached to the SimplyGo the module rests neatly in the concentrator carrying case's zippered pocket for discreet, out of the way storage.

When the external battery module is connected, SimplyGo will first draw power from the battery in the External Battery Module. When that battery is depleted the concentrator will automatically switch to the battery installed in its internal battery bay. Using the External Battery Module is very straightforward:

  1. Fully charge all SimplyGo batteries you want to use in the External Module
  2. Insert a battery into the External Module ensuring it clicks securely in place
  3. Slide the External Module with battery into the zippered pocket on the front of your SimplyGo's carrying case
  4. Plug the External Module's cord into your SimplyGo's power input plug
  5. Breathe... Enjoy double the oxygen therapy time with your SimplyGo!

Please review the documentation that comes with your External Battery Module before use and follow these simple rules for safe operation:

  • Do not use the External Module without a charged battery installed in the SimplyGo concentrator
  • Batteries will NOT recharge in the External Module. Instead they should be inserted into the SimplyGo unit or into a Desktop Battery Charger to recharge.
  • Always begin use of your External Module with a fully charged battery.
  • Always insert a battery into the External Module prior to plugging the module into your concentrator
  • Unplug the External Module from the SimplyGo when it is not in use
  • The battery icon on the SimplyGo will NOT report the remaining battery life batteries installed in the External Module. To check the remaining battery life of the battery in the External Module, remove the battery and press the power indicator button on the battery itself
  • When a battery in the External Module is being used to power the SimplyGo the concentrator's display will react as if it is connected to DC power