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ResMed CPAP Machine

As one of the largest CPAP suppliers in Australia and New Zealand, we will find you the best solution for your new ResMed CPAP Machine and make sure that we fit any budget. We offer price matching on products available from any accredited Australian and New Zealand supplier so we can guarantee you the lowest prices available for your CPAP machine.

Purchasing a ResMed CPAP Machine from The CPAP Clinic doesn’t finish with the transaction.  Shopping with The CPAP Clinic means you have access to not only specialist sales staff but also access to our network of clinics across the country who can provide you with professional patient consultations and on-going patient care throughout your treatment.

We believe that patient care is paramount. Offering you the latest ResMed CPAP Machines and treatment solutions, we will provide independent and professional buying advice to suit your budget and treatment needs. With a Full Service, you can enjoy care and support from your clinic consultant ongoing throughout your treatment.

ResMed CPAP Machines offer clients the latest in CPAP technology. CPAP machines from ResMed include highly-responsive adaptive servo-ventilators designed to offer patients comfortable and natural breathing patterns throughout sleep cycles. Features also include built-in wireless connectivity.

Are you looking for more advice on available ResMed machines?

Check out our range of ResMed CPAP products available online or in store at one of our local clinics in your area. You can chat with a sales specialist online who can assist you with purchasing the right machine for you, or book an appointment for a full professional consultation. We will find you the right solution for any budget with genuine, independent buying advice that ensures you get the best treatment available.



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We believe that patient care is paramount. CPAP Machines are used primarily to assist and treat patient with obstructive sleep apnoea. If you have been directed to purchase a CPAP machine to help achieve restful and safe sleep, then The CPAP Clinic will ensure that you will find the lowest price CPAP machine from all of the major brands.

Operating separately from CPAP manufacturers, our CPAP consultants are free to offer you genuine purchasing advice about your new CPAP machine. We can offer you second-hand options designed to provide our clients with the right solution for any budget.

Follow up on your progress with quarterly appointments with our clinic consultants at a location local to you in NSW, VIC, QLD and SA. We offer you access to qualified and specialist technicians who can provide you with technical services like maintenance and repair. Should you require it, our clinics are able to arrange a loaned machine while your CPAP machine is serviced or repaired.

Guaranteeing the lowest prices on CPAP machines, we will price match any accredited Australian CPAP supplier on your new machine.