Cabeau© Midnight Magic Sleep Mask

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Arrive rested, recharged and rejuvenated. The moulded eye cups allow space for your lids and lashes.  The adjustable padded nose bridge guarantees a blackout by blocking out all the light. Cabeau© adjustable strap provides maximum comfort. Cabeau© have even added a pair of memory foam earplugs to help block unwanted noise!

Midnight Magic Sleep Mask features:

  • Inner rounded eye liners
  • Adjustable nose bridge
  • Memory foam earplugs
  • Side pocket for earplugs
  • Elastic free adjustable strap

Midnight Magic Sleep Mask specs:

  • 27″x 3.5″x 0.75″/ 68cm x 9cm x 2cm
  • 2 oz / 58g
  • Black only

Our eyes are hard at work every day. With so much of our lives now centred on screens, our eyes are working double time. This excess screen time can lead to dry eyes, double vision, headaches, concentration issues and even sleep problems. One of the best ways to reduce eye strain is with an eye mask. Here are some of the benefits:

  1. Darkness helps you sleep: research has shown that a dark room can help you get better sleep. An eye mask is a cheap, effective way to simulate darkness – no need for expensive curtains or blinds
  2. Improve insomnia: by removing light, eye masks can help our brains wind down for sleep – this can help those suffering from insomnia get those precious hours of sleep.
  3. Relaxation: after a day of stress, an eye mask can help you relax. Eye masks with cooling gels can help soothe your eyes and relax you
  4. Drug-free alternative: for those struggling with falling or staying asleep, medication can sometimes feel like the only answer. However, eye masks are a great, drug-free solution that can significantly improve sleep quality
  5. Plenty of choice: nowadays, there is an extensive range of eye masks to choose from! Plain masks, gel-filled masks, and raised masks. There is an eye mask to suit everyone.