Philips Dreamstation Maintenance Package

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Our Maintenance packages come with the hygiene supplies you need to maintain your CPAP Device.

This package is suitable for the Philips Dreamstation Auto/Pro/BiPap

Pack includes:

2 x Purdoux CPAP Mask Wipes (70 Per Canister) - 100% pure cotton wipes to give your mask a good wipedown ridding it off excess oil, and bacteria. These wipes are safe to use, and will not deteoriate your mask's material.

2 x Reusable Filters - A 12 month supply of reusable filters. Each filter can be washed and reutilised multiple times during it's 6 month life.*

6 x Disposable Ultra-fine Filters - A 12 month supply of reusable filters. Each filter should last between 1- 2 months.*

*Once your existing filter thins or becomes too stained, then simply throw it out and replace with a new one for some clean air! Please note that usage is dependent on dust levels in your bedroom, therefore you may need to change this more often if required.