Philips Respironics DreamStationGo micro-flexible 12mm tubing

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Freedom of movement when you sleep

  • Philips smallest tubing
  • Offers freedom of movement
  • Philips lightest tubing

Smallest and lightest

The 12mm micro-flexible tubing is the smallest and lightest tube Philips has ever designed. In a recent head-to-head trial, patients found the DreamStation 12mm micro-flexible tubing to offer better flexibility, more comfort, and greater ease of movement when compared to their standard tubing.**

Technical Specifications
Compatibility PAP System DreamStation Go CPAP, AutoPAP
Service Warranty 90-days
Technical information Material TPE and Polypropylene
Replacement Every 6 months
Tubing length 6.15ft, 187.5 cm
Tubing weight 2.44 Oz, 69 grams
Tubing inner diameter 12.12mm
Packaging details
Includes 6 filters
Part Number Micro-flexible 12mm tubing PR12