ResMed AirMini™ P10 Mask Setup Pack with AirFit™ P10 Nasal Pillow Mask

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AirFit™ P10 Nasal Pillow CPAP Mask SetUp Pack

The AirFit™ P10 Nasal Pillow Mask Setup Pack has everything you need to use with the New AirMini™ AutoSet™ Travel CPAP Machine.

The AirFit P10 Nasal Pillow Mask is a version of the original AirFti P10 Nasal Mask. This new version of the P10 Nasal Pillow Mask is only compatable with the AirMini Travel CPAP Machine, and will not work with any other CPAP Machines.

The AirFit™ P10 Mask Setup Pack for AirMini includes all three sizes of nasal pillows: small, medium, and large, and the standard blue P10 headgear and headgear clips. The AirMini™ version of the P10 has specially designed venting for the included HumidX™ waterless humidification units. Included in the Setup Pack is the standard HumidX™ and the HumidX Plus. The standard HumidX is for use in normal or humid climates, and the HumidX Plus is for use in dry climates.

Important Reminder: If you already have the original AirFit P10 Nasal Pillow Mask, it will not work with the AirMini Travel CPAP Machine. You must purchase this AirMini P10 setup Pack that is compatible with the New AirMini Travel Machine .


  • AirMini Hose
  • AirFit P10 Mask for AirMini (S, M, L Pillows Included)
  • AirFit P10 Headgear Clips
  • 1 - Standard HumidX
  • 1 - HumidX Plus